Jul. 1st, 2017

Wow. I'm...I'm almost not sure what to say. Very well written, very well acted, very well directed. On the edge of my seat the whole time. There were a few things I had problems with, but those are definite spoilers, definite spoilers, and there was only one that actually almost rose to the point of bothering me.

But oh my, was Pearl Mackie fantastic. All of those "this is an actor who will go on to become big" stuff--totally true.

And Peter Capaldi was the Doctor. Even more so than ever before. I mean, he's always been great, but he's done the brilliant thing where he's allowed himself to grow into the part. You can see the journey between his first episode and this. I've compared the evolution of the Twelfth Doctor to Colin Baker's plans for the Sixth, and it reaches its culmination in this episode. I don't want him to go. He's just...he's the Doctor.

Matt Lucas? Wonderful, solid, funny, comforting. His Nardole has been great this season, and this was his best as well.

And Michelle Gomez? Oh my god, so many layers to her performance. Roger Delgado will always be my favorite, but Gomez is possibly the best acted Master we'll ever have.

Since I promised myself I'd get through the series without spoilers in this post, I'll say that the other principal actor was absolutely pitch perfect as well.

As for the plot...well, the plot was good, but this was all about character, and the actors brought it. It was a tremendously good Doctor Who script, all about hope vs. fear, life vs. death, all very well written. But it's the actors (and the director) that made the script work. Even the bit that almost didn't work for me worked, thanks to Pearl's performance. (And yes, the script had all kinds of easter eggs for we old fans, which didn't hurt either!)

I just...this is the strongest season of Doctor Who we've had in a long time. In my opinion, the strongest since series 27, the Eccleston series. Not that I haven't really enjoyed subsequent years--obviously, I have! But this year worked so well, I don't know. It might just be me. But I have no compunction about recommending every single episode this year. Some were definitely better than others, but none weren't quite good. I might be alone in that opinion, I realize, but I'll stand by it.

Just...yeah. Wow.

COMING THIS X-MAS: The Twelfth Doctor has one last adventure...and it involves the most unexpected meeting of all. It's "No Title Yet Released" by Steven Moffat! And it guest stars....well, watch the end of this episode and see!



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