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Well, that was a bit silly, wasn't it? Yep, spoiler-free: silly, but fun.

And now, the spoiler-full.

[PLEASE NOTE: I wrote a nice, little review that somehow got completely mangled by Livejournal's editor. I'd really like to reconstruct it, but the tl;dr is that this episode was complete fluff with a silly villain, but it worked entirely because of the Doctor and River and Alex Kingston and Peter Capaldi. I enjoyed it, even though it was light fluff. I may try to reconstruct it later.]

So, yes. There was not one minute that I felt any sense of danger whatsoever. But that's ok, because the entire plot was basically hung on Alex Kingston and Peter Capaldi doing their thing, and that was really good.

Peter Capaldi, especially, was fantastic. The standout moment of the Doctor's "bigger on the inside" reaction was hilarious. (I could see the Doctor" always wanting to do that. And the more subtle moments worked.

The whole story winds up being the Doctor's revenge against River always being a step ahead of him, and it worked if you bought River constantly missing clues and cues. I suppose if she was absolutely convinced he couldn't have been able to regenerate...

way="way" back="back" in="in" in="in" the="the" should="should" take="take" place="place" shortly="shortly" after="after" this="this" except="except" she="she" a="a" prison="prison" release="release" program="program" when="when" that="that" took="took" river="River" implied="implied" met="met" multiple="multiple" doctors="Doctors" besides="besides" the="the" met="met" the="the" and="and" now="now" the="the" and="and" in="in" a="a" timey-wimey="timey-wimey" way="way" that="that" i="I" still="still" see="see" how="how" pull="pull" to="to" meet="meet" the="the" eighth="Eighth" in="in" a="a" couple="couple" months="months" set="set" i="I" have="have" no="no" idea="idea" what="what" that="that" all="all" was="was" in="in" aid="aid" but="but" it="it" was="was" and="and" i="I" can="can" understand="understand" needing="needing" a="a" new="new" flow="flow" so="So" the="the" baddie="baddie" was="was" a="a" comedy="comedy" and="and" not="not" in="in" the="the" least="least" even="even" with="with" the="the" head="head" the="the" plot="plot" was="was" a="a" bit="bit" but="but" it="it" still="still" of="of" the="the" doctor="Doctor" and="and" river="River" and="and" capaldi="Capaldi" and="and" and="and" finally="finally" come="come" to="to" the="the" end="end" of="of" i="I" honestly="honestly" do="do" not="not" see="see" how="how" they="they" could="could" possibly="possibly" shoehorn="shoehorn" any="any" more="more" stories="stories" in="in" happens="happens" during="during" the="the" twenty-four="twenty-four" unless="unless" the="the" hologramatic="hologramatic" from="from" a="a" while="while" that="that" could="could" be="be" as="as" a="a" last="last" as="as" a="a" last="last" moment="moment" this="this" worked="worked" wonderfully="wonderfully" hate="hate" you="you" so="So" i="I" tell="tell" you="you" quite="quite" but="but" i="I" liked="liked" it="it" was="was" total="total" but="but" i="I" liked="liked"

COMING IN 2016: To be honest, I have no idea! But the Doctor will return in Doctor Who, series 36/10! Can't wait!

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