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So, in case you haven't heard, Steven Moffat has stepped down. I find it interesting that this has happened shortly after he publicly complained about the airtimes of the last series. For those who don't know, in the UK the show, while staying on Saturday nights, has the tendency to move around a bit timewise. Several episodes last year were on after eight o'clock, which is definitely too late for children...and overnight ratings went way down. (Consolidated ratings, including time shifted viewings, were much better, but still a bit down from previous years.) Moffat, a few weeks ago, said in several interviews that putting the show on that late was not his decision, and was the wrong decision, etc., etc.

And now he's gone.

On the other hand, it was more than time. To be honest, I would have thought he'd leave with Matt Smith, especially after some of the reportedly tumultuous production issues, or at least after Capaldi's first series. ("Doing a Derek Sherwin" is what I would have called that. But then, I'm a font of useless Who trivia.) But then, we wouldn't have gotten this past series, which was mostly very good indeed. (I need to watch the last few episodes again; I feel like, after reading several interviews and reviews, I might be able to process/like it a bit better.) Still, it was definitely time for him to go. Six series (including the one to come) is enough.

And, of course, we get Chibnall. Sigh. All the rumors pointed to Chris Chibnall taking over--rumors that had been around for months before the announcement, just as the rumors about Moffat taking over from RTD were around long before than actually happened. Chris Chibnall, writer of some ok Doctor Who ("42," mostly) and some really mediocre Doctor Who ("Dinosaurs on a Spaceship"). Showrunner for Torchwood, where, again, his writing/overall plotting was uneven. ("End of Days" was just terrible, for example.) Admittedly, he has a hell of a lot of experience running shows--Law & Order UK, and Broadchurch (which accounts for his "fair-haired boy" treatment by the Beeb), for example...but he's just not who I was hoping for. You all know who I was hoping for.

Toby Whithouse. Duh. He also has showrunner creds ("Being Human," anyone?), and he is an excellent writer. He was one of the best writers of this past series, in fact, and he clearly has a great vision for Doctor Who. But that is not to be.

My prediction: With Chibnall, we will get a show that is entirely conventional--at least for the new series. I suspect he will bring in some new writers that will give us a mostly perfectly acceptable, but not necessarily exciting, show. I really, really, really hope to be proved wrong. Prove me wrong, Chris!

As for this year....meh. We get "Class," the pointless spin-off ("kids at Coal Hill School battle monsters! without any of the characters we'd connect the school and the parent show with! It's for the kids! Right?"), and a Christmas special. That's right, no real Doctor Who on telly until Christmas. And no new series until spring of 2017--when Moffat will be able to cast one more companion and hopefully leave the series in a good place. With Capaldi? without? all we know is Peter is definitely staying through all of this next series...

Anyway, those are my thoughts. What about the 4-5 of you who still occasionally read this thing? What do you think?



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