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Contrary to last week, I had high hopes for this one. Sarah Dollard's script from last series, "Face the Raven," was excellent, so I thought this week's episode had a chance of being excellent as well.

Annnnnd I'm not disappointed at all! While this may not have been the best episode of Doctor Who I've ever seen (since I've, y'know, seen them all in one fashion or another), it's certainly very, very good indeed! Capaldi is in total command of the part now. He is an amazing Doctory Doctor, and he gets some of the best moments he's had yet. (As well as one of the most controversial lines in the history of the show. Really. You'll know it when you hear it.)

And Pearl Mackie is a wonder. It has not escaped me that this season is very closely paralleling series 27/new series 1. In this case, though, we have a much more traditional Doctor-Companion team, which makes things the same, but very different. Bill gets some wonderful moments here, from questioning the past to questioning the Doctor.

This episode also has some of the most adorable children ever in the show, who (amazingly) do a fine job. They're not too much, not too little, and I thought it worked well. The plot may not have been revolutionary (really, not at all), but it was so well done that a wonderfully fun episode resulted.

So yeah. What did you all think? Spoiler warning in the comments!

NEXT WEEK: Bill's found a new house to share! And the Doctor wonders...it's "Knock Knock" by Mike Bartlett! And, the way this year's been going, I can't wait!
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