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"Space. The Final Frontier."

If last week was "Doctor Who does Haunted Houses," this week could be considered "Doctor Who does Zombies." Now, I'm not the biggest zombie fan (that is, not the biggest modern zombie fan; I quite like the old, "voodoo" type zombie stories), but I have become a big "Jamie Mathieson writes Doctor Who" fan. "Mummy on the Orient Express" was fantastic, "Flatline" was excellent, and "The Girl Who Died" was quite a lot of fun (and co-written by Steven Moffat). So, does Jamie disappoint?

No he does not! This is a scary one. It's also an interesting one, with decent (if brief) world building, and more than a little bit of socioeconomic commentary. It's really fine base under siege stuff, frightening and claustrophobic. And, finally, Nardole has something to do other than to bitch! Admittedly, he does bitch a lot, but he's a lot of fun too.

Yes, the station crew aren't the best developed characters, but in the 40 minutes or so we're with them, we do care what happens to them. And, of course, you definitely care what happens to the Doctor, Nardole, and Bill.

As for the station itself, it's a magnificent model, or combo of model and CGI. The space effects are great, and the show looks wonderful.

Honestly, the only bad thing I can say is that this might give little ones some nightmares. This is really great Doctor Who, and I am just loving this season. As always, feel free to go spoilerific all over the comments.

NEXT WEEK: We will presumably continue with the repercussions of this week's episode...it's "Extremis" by Steven Moffat. I'll see you then!



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