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Now that was a frightening cliffhanger image. Brrr.

I feel like I need to say a bit more about this episode because, if you just watch the first 10 minutes or so, it'd be easy to dismiss. Yes, those ten minutes are filled with very Moffaty tweaking the nose, but then...I spent the rest of the episode with my heart in my throat. Because I'm a long-term fan, you see. Because I knew what was happening.

That being said, it's not all predictable. I do wish I'd gone in knowing considerably less about this story than I did...but that's the fault of trailers and tabloids (the latter as a consequence of the former), and not the fault of the episode at all. It's important to note that, for me, knowing some of what is going on (more than the characters do) actually made the whole episode scarier and more suspenseful. (We knew just enough to be even more frightened.)

Honestly, I think this might be Moffat's best script in years, especially once you get past the first few minutes. I am literally sitting here, with my heart still beating wildly, as I wonder what will happen in the next episode. (I'd say "next week," but I'm watching this a bit late. Although that won't stop me using the words at the bottom of this post, will it?) There's a feeling of claustrophobia here--not just because it basically takes place in two closed locations (except for one short sequence), but because there's a feeling of a trap closing, of walls closing in. That's not a spoiler of anything specific, just an observation. It all works wonderfully to the story's benefit.

There has been so much about this series that's felt like echoes of 20th century Doctor Who, and this episode is no exception, going right back to the '60s. In a lot of ways, this episode is a love letter to the long term fan--both of 20th and 21st century Doctor Who. And, at the end, it gives us something some of us wished the TV show could have done a long time ago. (Big Finish has done it on audio, but it's never been done on TV.)

I'm getting perilously close to spoilers (although, see above about trailers and such, you probably already know), so we'll leave it at that.

NEXT WEEK: Part two of this story--and there's nothing I can say that wouldn't spoil this week! The season all comes down to this--"The Doctor Falls" by Steven Moffat. Can. Not. Wait.
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