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Post #1: Presumably, people are waiting for me to post about the choice for the 13th Doctor. Well, I'm still processing. I was (and am) unsure about having a female Doctor because the Doctor, throughout the character's history, is extraordinarily paternalistic character. My concerns have generally centered around how changing the Doctor's gender would affect that dynamic of the show. (It does bother me that anyone with concerns is dismissed as simply a misogynist; sure, there's a lot of misogyny out there, but it's kind of reductive to...but that's another issue.) That being said, this entire past season worked SO hard to prepare us for a female Doctor (not just Missy--the idea was all over the place), that I was almost certain we'd see one. And, honestly, I'm more concerned about the stories than anything else--not a Chris Chibnall fan.

So, am I tremendously excited? Well, no, because I've seen only two episodes of Broadchurch and have very little idea who Jodie Whittaker is and how her acting is. I'm told she's very good, but I could get excited by Capaldi because I knew his work and history. I'd like to be cautiously optimistic, like I was with Matt Smith, although he had the benefit of being *interviewed* at his announcement, which Whittaker hasn't had yet.

What I'm saying is I'm willing to wait and see. I'm not sure I like it, I'm not sure I don't. I'm happy for those of you who have representation, but I just hope the show is still able to keep the uniqueness and common threads for the character that make him/her the Doctor. *That's* my concern. (Also they went young again. Sigh.)

Post #2: [MILD SPOILERS FOR THIS PAST SEASON OF DOCTOR WHO] Ok, this is post two about the new Doctor because I just realized one of my issues with it--the clean slate. Moffat wrote out Nardole and Bill to give Chibnall the same clean slate he'd had, but I think that was a mistake. Back when the first "renewal" happened, the audience had Ben and Polly as continuing characters to work them through the process. The companions could express the audience's thoughts and concerns. Was this really the Doctor? This allowed the show, by convincing the companions, to convince (and win over) the audience. It's a powerful and useful tool to keep everyone on-side, and the old series used it again and again. Heck the new series used it for its first regeneration. By having something like that carry us through this--arguably the biggest change *since* the first regeneration--it would help the show to win over skeptics and critics. Whittaker could "prove" to an audience surrogate that she *is* the Doctor, just like Troughton and Tennant did. Instead, travelling all alone, she will pick up someone who's never known the Doctor and the show doesn't have to "prove" it to anyone.

I think it's a HUGE misstep, given how big a step this is for the show. You want to bring as many people on board as you can, and Chibnall missed an opportunity there. I'll certainly be interested to see if he tries to replace it with a different idea, but ignoring the power of the audience surrogate (an absolutely crucial element of regeneration in the 20th c series) is a missed opportunity to ease us into a female Doctor. ("Well, if the Daleks recognize him, I reckon that *must* be the Doctor," said Ben.)

As I said, still processing....

Post #3: All of the previous being said, I'm starting to feel the old excitement bubbling up...new Doctor!! #stillprocessing....



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