Apr. 17th, 2017

This was a great episode of Doctor Who. Fun, enjoyable, a wonderful addition of a new companion. It was a great introduction to Bill, and to the mysteries that will apparently surround this season.

It's possible that absence makes the heart grow fonder, and the head grow softer, but this might be my favorite episode in quite a long time. I'm going to keep things non-spoilery for a bit, for those who may not have seen the episode.

It took me about 3 minutes in to decide I love Bill as a character and a companion. She's smart and funny, but not obnoxious or bossy or any of the other things many companions before her have been. Not to say she's not assertive, she is, but that's not her dominating trait. And, thankfully, the Moff finally gives us a "less is more" view of a life...that works, unlike Clara's very confusing introduction. We find out all we need to know about Bill within the first 20 minutes (although there are still seeds for further mysteries), and it works. It helps that Pearl Mackie is really engaging and is clearly throwing her heart and soul into this.

As for the Doctor? Peter Capaldi has truly settled into the role in a way that he hadn't before, even last year. He's kind, witty, crazy, funny, a little bit frightening...it's a great evolution from his first season to here...and it gives one an idea of what Colin Baker hoped to do in the role, honestly. (For those who don't know, Baker's plan was to stay as long as he could and to begin as the abrasive Doctor we saw in his televised stories from season 22, gradually mellowing--which definitely started in season 23--into a kind, lovable Doctor. Kind of the way TV allows characters to do so now; he was definitely ahead of his time!) ANYway, this episode makes me even sadder to know Peter will be going at the end of the season, just when he's reaching a brilliant moment with characterization.

And Nardole...well, Matt Lucas is fun, and gets one of my very favorite lines in the episode, but I have no idea why he's there. Apparently, all will become clear as we go on. And hey, I like Nardole. He's fun, silly, perceptive as hell, and a good addition.

The story had nods to the past with a very definite look towards the future, and leaves us with as many longer term questions as it answers. It is, however, very much a "done in one" story, with hints at something bigger, so have no fears about that.

Anyway, a big recommendation from me. I just loved it. And I may post spoilery things later, but I wanted to leave this here so people could read without fear! Hmmm...let's say spoilers in comments, ok?

The Doctor Who Review Depository is down for the moment, due to the move from Livejournal. I'll get it back up and running sometime soon.



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